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Have You Ever stopped to think about the importance of water? Whenever we attempt to determine whether there is life on Mars or any other planet scientist first seek to establish whether or not water is present. Why? Because life totally depends on water. Our bodies are 75 – 80% water. We are just like a pool of water. For those of us with pools at home, we know that the pool man have to come out every week to treat the water or it becomes acidic (goes bad) and algae and corrosion starts to take place.

If we ourselves are a pool of water do you not think the quality of the water in our bodies will make a significant difference to our health and how we feel and live? Since we are so much water, is it not natural to think that if the water quality in our body is well maintained and in good condition we should feel better and live better…….and is it not common sense that if our water quality goes bad we will be sick and start to break down just like the pool.

facts about alkaline water

It is now known that water is the Ultimate Cure to most if not all diseases and that many common diseases like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and numerous others cannot survive if the water content of your body is alkaline. Diseases can only survive in acidic conditions.

Therefore by treating the water in your bodies regularly and keeping it at its proper (alkaline) pH level, similar to what the pool man does for the pool, it will protect your body from most if not all diseases including those diseases mentioned earlier.